August 8 2017

Yang Dong-Geun and Park Han-Byul cast in MBC drama series “Borg Mom”

Yang Dong-Geun and Park Han-Byul are cast for lead roles in upcoming MBC drama series “Borg Mom.” Also cast in supporting roles are Choi Yeo-Jin, Hwang Bo-Ra, Ivy, Jung Yi-Rang, Choi Jung-Won and Kwon Hyun-Bin. The drama series will have Yang Dong-Geun playing AI developer Choi Go-Bong. His wife died 7 years earlier after giving birth to their son. After her death, Choi Go-Bong created a borg mom. His son then gets into a prestigious kindergarten and the borg mom must deal with the pretentious mothers at the school.

“Borg Mom” will first air sometime this September in South Korea.

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