January 15 2020

Two minute highlight trailer & 3 main posters for OCN drama series “Tell Me What You Saw”

Two minute highlight trailer and 3 main posters added for OCN drama series “Tell Me What You Saw” starring Jang Hyuk & Sooyoung. The highlight clip has Sooyoung stating around the 52 second mark “I thought carefully about why you called me. That’s because of that man. You want to know whether he is revived or not.” At the 1:02 second mark, Jang Hyuk states “If ‘he’ is alive.” Meanwhile, the three main posters features Jang Hyuk & Sooyoung, as well as Jin Seo-Yeon, Jang Hyun-Sung, and Ryu Seung-Soo on two of the posters.

“Tell Me What You Saw” first airs February 1, 2020 in South Korea.

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