April 12 2024

Trailer and poster for Disney+ drama “House of the Owl”

Trailer video and main poster added for Disney+ drama series “House of the Owl” starring Min Tanaka & Mackenyu Arata. Caption on the political-suspense drama series asks “Is it poison or justice that saves this country?” More supporting actors for the drama series has also been announced: Satoshi Nikaido, Heidi Burger, Ryo Ikeda, Takashi Yuki, Elisa Yanagi, Ako, Kenta Daibo, Shogen, Yasushi Fuchikami, Shugo Oshinari, Kyu Tsuchiya, Qyoko Kudo, Alisa Urahama, Shima Ohnishi, Eugene Nomura, Yota Kawase, Ken Yoshizawa, Hideo Nakano Tae Kimura, and Kyozo Nagatsuka.

“House of the Owl” will be available to stream from April 24, 2024.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Ryutaro Ogami (Min Tanaka) is a powerful figure who fixes events while remaining in the shadows. He is known as the Owl. He solves all sorts of scandals and sensational events by covering up incidents and other times exposing incidents. His son is Ryu Ogami (Mackenyu Arata). Ryu Ogami is the opposite of his father in the way he works and he wants to bring about justice by walking down the correct path. One day, the son of a prime minister candidate, who has close ties with the Ogami family, dies mysteriously. Ryutaro Ogami and Ryu Ogami approaches a great evil in the political world in their own ways.

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