May 17 2019

Teaser trailer & supporting cast added for OCN drama series “Strangers From Hell”

Early teaser trailer and first supporting cast members added for OCN drama series “Strangers From Hell” (literal title) starring Im Si-Wan and Lee Dong-Wook. The newly announced supporting cast members are Lee Jung-Eun, Lee Hyun-Wook, Park Jong-Hwan and Lee Joong-Ok. The early teaser trailer is titled “casting teaser video” and introduces the aforementioned actors. The teaser trailer begins with the voice of Im Si-Wan stating “This was hell, a horrible hell made by strangers.”

For the drama series, Lee Jung-Eun will play Eom Bok-Soon. She is an owner of a cheap apartment where Yoon Jong-Woo (Im Si-Wan) stays.

Lee Hyun-Wook will play Yoo Ki-Hyeok. He lives in apartment #302. He talks to Yoon Jong-Woo first, but everyone in the apartment building is scared of him.

Park Jong-Hwan plays Byeon Deuk-Jong. He lives in apartment #306. He stutters and makes a weird laughing sound.

Lee Joong-Ok plays Hong Nam-Bok. He lives in apartment #314. He stares at Yoon Jong-Woo from the first day he moves in.

“Strangers From Hell” first airs sometime in the second half of this year in South Korea.

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