December 1 2022

Teaser trailer & poster for ENA drama “Can We Be Strangers”

First teaser trailer and teaser poster added for ENA drama series “Can We Be Strangers” (literal title) starring Kang So-Ra and Jang Seung-Jo. Captions in the teaser trailer states (0:01) “Goddess of divorce suit,” (0:03) “I’m her ex-husband but?,” (0:05) “Divorce,” (0:06) “Is easy, but,” (0:07) “Farewell,” (0:08) “Isn’t easy, but,” (0:09) “Lawyers who specializes in divorce,” (0:11) “So we,” (0:12) “Can be strangers.”

“Can We Be Strangers” first airs sometime this January in South Korea.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Oh Ha-Ra (Kang So-Ra) is a lawyer, who specializes in divorce. She is also a divorcee herself. Her ex-husband is Ku Eun-Beom (Jang Seung-Jo) and he is also a lawyer. She meets Ku Eun-Beom again as a colleague.

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