March 16 2022

Teaser trailer for tvN drama “The Killer’s Shopping List”

First teaser trailer added for tvN drama series “The Killer’s Shopping List” starring Lee Kwang-Soo, Seol Hyun, & Jin Hee-Kyung. Narration in the teaser trailer states at the 11 second mark “Please throw away the receipt.” The drama series features a crime-mystery-comedy screenplay with Lee Kwang-Soo playing Ahn Dae-Sung and Seol Hyun playing his police officer girlfriend.

“The Killer’s Shopping List” first airs April, 2022 in South Korea.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Dae-Sung (Lee Kwang-Soo) has excellent memory. He is also a timid person. Even though he failed his exam to become a 9th grade public official for 3 years, he is still studying to pass that exam. He works part-time at MS Mart in the outskirts of Seoul, which his mother Myung-Sook (Jin Hee-Kyung) owns. His girlfriend is A-Hee (Seol Hyun) and she works as a police officer. Both his mother and girlfriend are supportive of him.

One day, a mysterious murder case takes place near an apartment building. MS Mart is located close to the murder scene. A-Hee investigates the murder case by herself. Soon, Dae-Sung and Myung-Sook joins her investigation. The only clue of the murder case is a receipt that was issued from MS Mart.

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