January 21 2022

Teaser trailer for tvN drama “Military Prosecutor Doberman”

First teaser trailer for tvN drama series “Military Prosecutor Doberman” starring Ahn Bo-Hyun & Jo Bo-Ah. Caption in the teaser trailer states (0:03) “I came to the military for money” and (0:09) “I came to the military to hunt.”

The teaser trailer also reveals that “Military Prosecutor Doberman” will first air February, 2022 in South Korea.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Do Bae-Man (Ahn Bo-Hyun) became a military prosecutor to find success and wealth. His job is just a means for him to find success and he looks forward to quitting his job as a military prosecutor.

Cha Woo-In (Jo Bo-Ah) comes from a wealthy chaebol family and she works as rookie military prosecutor. She is confident and does not fear powerful people. She has excellent investigation skills for someone her age. Cha Woo-In also became a military prosecutor to seek revenge.

Do Bae-Man & Cha Woo-In begin to work together as they break down evils in the military. During this time, Do Bae-Man grows into a real military prosecutor.

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