May 23 2022

Teaser trailer for TVING drama “Yumi’s Cells S2”

First teaser trailer added for TVING drama series “Yumi’s Cells S2” starring Kim Go-Eun & Jin Young. Drama series is based on webcomic “Yumi’s Cells” by Lee Dong-Gun and a sequel to 2021 TVING drama series “Yumi’s Cells.” Dialogue in the teaser trailer goes (0:01) Jin Young “Have you been waiting long?,” (0:04) Kim Go-Eun  “That’s a relief,” (0:11)  Jin Young “Are you okay?,” (0:18) Jin Young “What are you listening to?,” (0:25) Jin Young “Can I start now?,” (0:26) Kim Go-Eun “What?,” and (0:30) Jin Young “Date.”

“Yumi’s Cells S2” is now set to be available to stream from June 10, 2022 in South Korea.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Set after season 1 of “Yumi’s Cells.” The relationship between Kim Yu-Mi (Kim Go-Eun) and her co-worker Bobby Yoo (Jin Young) is explored. Will Kim Yu-Mi find true love?

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