December 7 2023

Teaser trailer for movie “Happiness”

Teaser trailer added for movie “Happiness” starring Airu Kubozuka and Aju Makita. The film is based on novel “Happiness” by Novala Takemoto and directed by Tetsuo Shinohara (“Terminal“). First batch of supporting actors has been announced for the film and they are Ai Hashimoto, Masayoshi Yamazaki, and Yo Yoshida. Ai Hashimoto will play Yukio Kunikida’s (Airu Kubozuka) older sister Tsukiko Kunikida. Masayoshi Yamazaki and Yo Yoshida will play Yuma Yamagishi’s (Aju Makita) parents Hideo Yamagishi and Riyo Yamagishi.

“Happiness” will be released May 17, 2024 in Japan.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Yukio Kunikida (Airu Kubozuka) and Yuma Yamagishi (Aju Makita) are high school students and they are dating with each other. On an ordinary day, Yuma Yamagishi tells Yukio Kunikida that “I’m going to die in a week.” She knows that her illness has progressed and has accepted the fact that her days are numbered. She wants to live the rest of her days being true to herself. Yukio Kunikida finds it difficult to accept that Yuma Yamagishi has just a short time left to live, but he busies himself fulfilling her wishes.

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