April 30 2019

Teaser trailer for MBC drama series “Partners for Justice Season 2”

First teaser trailer added for upcoming MBC drama series “Partners for Justice Season 2” starring Jung Jae-Young and Jung Yoo-Mi. At the 16 second mark of the teaser trailer, Jung Jae-Young’s voice appears and he says in Korean “I am starting an autopsy.” Meanwhile, still images below is from the traditional gosa ceremony and then still images from the first script reading. The traditional gosa ceremony took place March, 2019 in Yongin, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. The traditional gosa ceremony takes place to bring about good fortune and keep misfortune at bay.

“Partners for Justice Season 2” is now scheduled to first air June 3, 2019 in South Korea (takes over MBC’s Monday & Tuesday 10PM time slot after “Special Labor Inspector Mr. Jo.”).

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