April 28 2021

Teaser trailer for KakaoTV drama “The Crazy Guy in This District”

First teaser trailer added for KakaoTV drama series “The Crazy Guy in This District” (literal title) starring Jung Woo & Oh Yeon-Seo. Narration in the teaser trailer depicts a shouting match between apartment neighbors (0:02) Jung Woo “Hey! Make the barking stop. Hey! Son of a bitch,” (0:12) Oh Yeon-Seo “Hey, you’re making more noise, son of a bitch,” (0:15) Jung Woo “Where are you? Who are you?” (0:17) Oh Yeon-Seo “What are you going to do?” (0:18) Jung Woo “Hey you crazy bitch,” (0:21) Oh Yeon-Seo “Are you calling me a crazy bitch? … you crazy pervert!” (0:23) Jung Woo “Pervert? You stay right there!”

 “The Crazy Guy in This District” will stream on Kakao TV from May 24, 2021 in South Korea. The drama series will have 13 episodes and each episode runs approximately 30 minutes.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: No Whi-O (Jung Woo) works as a detective. He thinks that he has a pretty decent life. One day, an incident takes place. This causes No Whi-O’s life to change. He becomes a crazy guy, unable to control his anger and he gets angry at everything. He tries to return to former self, but, during this time, he gets involved with another crazy person, Lee Min-Kyung (Oh Yeon-Seo). She has a sophisticated appearance and a fine job, but something happens to her. Her ordinary life collapses and she doesn’t trust anyone anymore. She has delusions and is compulsive. No Whi-O and Lee Min-Kyung become attracted to each other.

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