May 18 2022

Teaser trailer for ENA-Netflix drama “Weird Lawyer Woo Young-Woo”

First teaser trailer for ENA-Netflix drama series “Weird Lawyer Woo Young-Woo” (literal title) starring Park Eun-Bin & Kang Tae-Oh. The channel ENA, standing for Entertainment DNA, is a rebranding of SkyTV channels that is owned by KT Group. The teaser trailer itself shows various palindrome like words that have same meaning forwards or backwords. Narration in the teaser trailer goes (0:01) “Woo Young-Woo,” (0:04) “Gireogi,” (wild goose) (0:09) “Tomato,” (0:12) “Swiss,” (0:15) “Indoin” (Indian), (0:19) “Byeolddongbyeol” (shooting star), and (0:25) “Even if this (name) is read correctly or backwards, it is still Woo Young-Woo.”

“Weird Lawyer Woo Young-Woo” first airs June, 2022 in South Korea and will also stream on Netflix.

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