February 8 2024

Teaser trailer for ENA drama “Nightly Photo Studio”

First teaser trailer added for ENA drama series “Nightly Photo Studio” (literal title) starring Joo Won & Kwon Na-Ra. The fantasy based drama series revolves around a photo studio that exclusively serves ghosts as its customers. The teaser trailer has Joo Won stating (0:12) “Then I will take a picture,” (0:17) “Dear ghost customers,” (0:23) “Nightly photo studio that opens only at night.”

“Nightly Photo Studio” first airs March 11, 2024 in South Korea.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Seo Ki-Joo (Joo Won) is a photographer and runs a small photo studio. He is the 7th owner of the photo studio and the shop is only for ghosts. Seo Ki-Joo takes portraits of the ghosts that come into the store. Meanwhile, Han Bom (Kwon Na-Ra) is a lawyer who is passionate about her work and does not tolerate injustice. Somehow, she ends up in a partnership with Seo Ki-Joo’s photo studio. The studio also has two employees: Assistant Manager Go (Yoo In-Soo) and Baek Nam-Koo (Eum Moon-Suk). Assistant Manager Go is in charge of bringing in ghosts as customers and Baek Nam-Koo is in charge of taking care of small chores around the store.

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