September 25 2023

Teaser trailer and poster for Disney+ drama “Vigilante”

First teaser trailer and poster added for Disney+ drama series “Vigilante” starring Nam Joo-Hyuk. The teaser trailer begins with Nam Joo-Hyuk as Kim Ji-Yong stating “You should’ve reflected on yourself for the rest of your life. Fron now on blame the law that released you,” and at 1:04 mark he states “There is a hole in the law. Now I am going to fill that hole.” Captions in the teaser trailer states (0:45) “Dark hero that was created by the world” and (0:55) “Now I am the judge.” Captions on the teaser poster states “There is a hole in the law. now I am going to fill that hole.”

“Vigilante” is now set to first air November 8, 2023.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: When Kim Ji-Yong (Nam Joo-Hyuk) was a child, his mother was beaten to death by a thug for no reason on the street. The thug only received 3 and half years in prison. Kim Ji-Yong is now an adult and he sees that his mother’s killer hasn’t changed at all. Kim Ji-Yong takes matters into his own hands and beats him brutally.

Since then, Kim Ji-Yong begins living two totally different lives. During the weekdays, he is a model student at the police university, but, during the weekends, he punishes criminals who received ridiculously light sentences and continue to commit criminal acts. Kim Ji-Yong is now called Vigilante and he receives help from Jo Gang-Ok (Lee Joon-Hyuk), who admires him. Meanwhile, Jo Heon (Yoo Ji-Tae), who is the team leader of a police investigation team, chases after the man called Vigilante. Choi Mi-Ryeo (Kim So-Jin) is a reporter of a broadcasting station and she covers Vigilante.

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