September 25 2023

Teaser trailer and character posters for ENA drama “Moon In The Day”

First teaser trailer and character posters added for ENA drama series “Moon In The Day” starring Kim Young-Dae & Pyo Ye-Jin. The drama series is based on webcomic “Naje Ddeuneun Dal” by He Yum and revolves around a top star who wakes up from a near death experience possessed by a vengeful spirit from historical times. Caption in the teaser trailer states (0:14) “I met you after 1500 years of waiting.” Kim Young-Dae also narrates in the teaser with (0:15) “I’m stuck here, but,” (0:21) “You flow endlessly.” Captions for the teaser posters states (Kim Young-Jae) “This time, I’ll kill you first” and (Pyo Ye-Jin) “I love you.”

“Moon In The Day” first airs October 25, 2023 in South Korea (takes over ENA’s Wednesday and Thursday 9PM time slot after “The Kidnapping Day“).

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Han Joon-O (Kim Young-Dae) is a top star in Korea. He seems like a perfect person with a tall, handsome appearance, but he is saddled with an inferiority complex. He belongs to Beginning Entertainment, which his older brother Han Min-O (On Joo-Wan) runs. One day, Han Joon-O takes part in a public advertisement with firefighter Kang Young-Hwa (Pyo Ye-Jin). During the filming of the advertisement, a car accident occurs. Kang Young-Hwa is able to save Han Joon-O in the accident. After that, Kang Young-Hwa begins to work as Han Joon-O’s body guard. Meanwhile, after the car crash and when Han Joon-O wakes up, his body is possessed by the vengeful spirit of Do Ha (Kim Young-Dae). Do-Ha was a nobleman in Silla and he was killed by his wife Han Ri-Ta (Pyo Ye-Jin), whom he loved deeply.

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