September 26 2021

Teaser trailer #3 for tvN drama “Jirisan”

Teaser trailer #3 added for tvN drama series “Jirisan” starring Gianna Jun & Ju Ji-Hoon. Above is a main poster for the upcoming drama series with captions that teases “The place that meets the sky. Boundary between this life and the afterlife.” The place in the poster refers to Jiri Mountain, where the drama series is set.

Jirsan first airs October 23, 2021 in South Korea.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Rangers work to save people at Jiri Mountain National Park.

Seo Yi-Gang (Gianna Jun) is the best ranger at Jiri Mountain National Park. She knows virtually everything about the area, including where to climb the mountain.

Kang Hyun-Jo (Ju Ji-Hoon) is a rookie ranger at Jiri Mountain National Park. He graduated from the military academy and was once an army captain. He has a secret that he can’t tell anyone about.

These two people become partners and they work to save people around Jiri Mountain National Park.

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