May 16 2024

Teaser trailer 3 for MBC drama “Bitter Sweet Hell”

Teaser trailer 3 added for MBC drama series “Bitter Sweet Hell” starring Kim Hee-Seon & Lee Hye-Young. The third teaser has narration that goes (0:01) Kim Hee-Seon “This kind of thing is called absurd,” (0:05) Kim Hee-Seon “Deceiving for 15 years isn’t family,” (0:08) Lee Hye-Young “I understand you. You want to kill him, right?” (0:12) anonymous female voice “You know, your mother-in-law isn’t an ordinary person. You got to be careful of her. There might be a novel about killing the daughter-in-law,” (0:20) Lee Hye-Young “It’s a doggy afternoon,” (0:24) male anonymous voice “She is a witch.. witch,” (0:26) Lee Hye-Young “Nonononono … teacher … we as a family shouldn’t be suspicious of each other,” (0:32) Kim Hee-Seon “Mother … it’s a crime scene,” (0:35) Lee Hye-Young “So, should we just leave it there? Let it all soak into the floor?,” (0:41) Kim Hee-Seon “What on earth are you hiding from me?,” (0:45) Lee Hye-Young “Still don’t know? We’re one team now.”

“Bitter Sweet Hell” first airs May 24, 2024 in South Korea.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: No Young-Won (Kim Hee-Seon) is a psychology consultant and a celebrity. Her personal life is just as impressive as her work career. She is married to Jae-Jin (Kim Nam-Hee), who is a successful doctor. He is considerate and sympathetic as a husband and a parent. Although No Young-Won is envied by others, she has frequent conflicts with her mother-in-law Hong Sa-Gang (Lee Hye-Young). Her mother-in-law is a writer of mystery books. She is charismatic and sensitive.

Meanwhile, No Young-Won gets involved in an unexpected case. This places No Young-Won and her family in danger. No Young-Won and her mother-in-law Hong Sa-Gang try to protect their family.

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  1. slice master

    The third teaser of the MBC drama “Bitter Sweet Hell” has been released, attracting the audience’s attention with its dramatic and thrilling details.

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