May 3 2019

Teaser trailer #3 & character posters for SBS drama series “My Absolute Boyfriend”

Teaser trailer #3 for SBS drama series “My Absolute Boyfriend” starring Yeo Jin-Goo, Bang Min-Ah and Hong Jong-Hyun. Meanwhile, below are 5 character posters for the drama series. The character posters are of Yeo Jin-Goo as Young-Goo, Bang Min-Ah as Eom Da-Da, Hong Jong-Hyun as Ma Wang-Joon, Hong Seo-Young as Diana and Choi Sung-Won as Nam Bo-Won. Caption on the Yeo Jin-Goo character poster states in Korean “A robot which has more hot heart than a human.” Caption on the Bang Min-Ah character posters states “A woman who gained more hard heart than steel.” Caption on Hong Jong-Hyun character posters states “A top star who is more like a robot than a real robot.”

“My Absolute Boyfriend” first airs May 15, 2019 in South Korea.

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