July 6 2022

Teaser posters & release date set for TVING drama “Stock Struck”

Teaser posters and August 12, 2022 release date set for TVING drama series “Stock Struck” starring Han Ji-Eun & Hong Jong-Hyun. The two teaser posters show different expressions made by five main characters of Yoo Mi-Seo (Han Ji-Eun), Choi Sun-Woo (Hong Jong-Hyun),┬áKang San (Jung Moon-Sung), Jung Haeng-Ja (Kim Sun-Young) and Kim Jin-Bae (Jang Gwang). The red poster shows their expressions as stock prices go up and the blue poster shows their expressions as stock prices go down.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Five people, who invested in the stock market, take part in a mysterious stock meeting. There, they learn about life, love, and friendships through investing in stocks.

Yoo Mi-Seo (Han Ji-Eun) is set to marry very soon. She hasn’t invest very long in the stock market, but so far she has lost money.

Choi Sun-Woo (Hong Jong-Hyun) is 33-years-old and works part-time at a convenience store. He is also a mysterious man. When he gets off from work at the convenience store, he drives an expensive imported car.

Kang San (Jung Moon-Sung) is a person who focuses on happiness and doesn’t care about work or finding success. He works part-time to make a living.

Jung Haeng-Ja (Kim Sun-Young) runs her own pork feet restaurant.

After Kim Jin-Bae (Jang Gwang) retired from his job he began investing in the stock market.

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