June 28 2022

Teaser poster and air date set for JTBC drama “The Good Detective 2”

Teaser poster and July, 2022 air date set for JTBC drama series “The Good Detective 2” starring Son Hyun-Joo & Jang Seung-Jo. The drama series is a sequel to 2000 JTBC drama series “The Good Detective.” In addition to lead actors Song Hyun-Joo & Jang Seung-Jo, the teaser poster shows returning actors Cha Rae-Hyoung, Jung Soon-Won, Kim Ji-Hoon, and Kim Myung-Joon. They are all members of the West Incheon Police Department’s Violent Crimes Team 2.

Filming for “The Good Detective 2” finished May, 2022 and is currently in post production.

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