July 28 2020

Teaser #3 for OCN drama series “Missing: The Other Side”

Teaser #3 added for OCN drama series “Missing: The Other Side” starring Ko Soo, Heo Jun-Ho, and Ahn So-Hee. Narration in the teaser trailer #3 has (0:21) Heo Jun-Ho stating “Go back. Here is a place where you don’t belong” and (0:26) Ko Soo asks “Why Am I The Only One That Can See?” Meanwhile, below are the first still images of Ko Soo, Heo Jun-Ho and Ahn So-Hee in the drama series.

“Missing: The Other Side” first airs August, 2020 in South Korea (takes over OCN’s Saturday and Sunday 10:20 PM time slot after “Train“).

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: A village holds spirits of missing, deceased people. A search to find the missing bodies and discover the truth behind their disappearance occurs.

Kim Wook (Ko Soo) is a smooth talker and a good-looking man. He commits fraud to make a living. One day, he happens to arrive at Duon Village, where the missing dead gather. He soon faces numerous mysteries.

Jang Pan-Seok (Heo Jun-Ho) is a mysterious figure. He secretly looks for missing people. He is the connection between Duon Village and the outside world. He becomes a fraud partner with Kim Wook and he solves cases.

Lee Jong-A (Ahn So-Hee) is Kim Wook’s supporter. She is a white hat hacker out to gain social justice. She works as a law-ranking public officer at a community center as her day job.

Shin Joon-Ho (Ha-Joon) is an elite detective. One month prior to his wedding with Choi Yeo-Na (Seo Eun-Su), his fiancé disappeared. To find her, he applies for the missing person squad.

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