February 4 2021

Still images from KakaoTV drama “Not Yet 30”

Above and below are the first still images of Jung In-Sun and Kang Min-Hyuk (CNBLUE) in KakaoTV drama series “Not Yet 30” (literal title). In the drama series, Jung In-Sun plays webcomic writer Seo Ji-Won. Kang Min-Hyuk plays Lee Seung-Yoo. He works for the webcomic company that publishes Seo Ji-Won’s comics. He is also Seo Ji-Won first love from her middle school days.

“Not Yet 30” will be available to stream from February 23, 2021.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: “Not Yet 30” follows the lives of three female friends in their 30’s.

Seo Ji-Won (Jung In-Sun) is a popular webcomic writer. She visits the publishing company office of her webcomics. There, she meets her first love Lee Seung-Yoo (Kang Min-Hyuk). They knew each other in their middle school days. Lee Seung-Yoo now works as an assistant manager for a planning team at the webcomic publishing company. Meanwhile, Seo Ji-Won gets involved with Cha Do-Hoon (Song Jae-Rim), who is directing a movie that is based on her webcomic.

Lee Ran-Joo (Hani) works as an announcer. Hong A-Young (Cha Min-Jee) runs a cafe. One day, Hong A-Young’s ex-boyfriend appears in front of her. Meanwhile, Hyeong Joon-Young (Baek Sung-Chul) works part-time at Hong A-Young’s cafe. He has feelings for announcer Lee Ran-Joo and confesses his feelings to her.

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