December 10 2020

Still images for tvN drama series “Jiri Mountain”

Here’s still images from tvN drama series “Jiri Mountain” starring Gianna Jun & Ju Ji-Hoon. The photo above is the first from the filming set that shows Gianna Jun and Ju Ji-Hoon appearing together. Meanwhile, filming for the drama series has been paused until December 20, 2020 due to the rise of Covid-19 cases.

“Jiri Mountain” will air on tvN sometime next year in South Korea.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Rangers work to save people at Jiri Mountain National Park.

Seo Yi-Gang (Gianna Jun) is the best ranger at Jiri Mountain National Park. She knows virtually everything about the area, including where to climb the mountain.

Kang Hyun-Jo (Ju Ji-Hoon) is a rookie ranger at Jiri Mountain National Park. He graduated from the military academy and was once an army captain. He has a secret that he can’t tell anyone about.

These two people become partners and they work to save people around Jiri Mountain National Park.

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