May 22 2024

Son Hyun-Joo & Kim Myung-Min cast in ENA drama “Your Honor”

Son Hyun-Joo & Kim Myung-Min are cast in ENA drama series “Your Honor.” The drama series will be directed by¬†Yoo Jong-Sun (“Descendants of the Sun“) and scripted by Kim Jae-Hwan (“Boyhood“). In “Your Honor,” two fathers will face off after they become monsters for their children. Son Hyun-Joo will play Judge Song Pan-Ho and Kim Myung-Min will play crime boss Kim Gang-Heon.

“Your Honor” will first air sometime this summer in South Korea (takes over ENA’s Monday & Tuesday 10PM time slot after “Crash“).

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Two fathers, who become monsters for their children, face off against each other. Song Pan-Ho (Son Hyun-Joo) is a judge who is respected by everyone. He is a warm-hearted person. He lives a successful life, without any stains in his past, and he carries a righteous belief and strong sense of justice. Kim Gang-Heon (Kim Myung-Min) is a cruel boss of a criminal organization. He has a cold heart and a coercive presence. He is a figure who makes everyone shiver with fear, but he is a father who shows persistent fatherly love.

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