January 25 2022

Script reading for OCN drama “Superior Day”

The first script reading for OCN drama series “Superior Day” (literal title), starring Jin Goo, Ha Do-Kwon, & Lee Won-Geun, took place back on November, 2021. Above and below are photos of the three leads at the first script reading. Filming for the drama series also began November, 2021.

Ep.1 of “Superior Day” is also now scheduled to first air March, 2022. The drama series is based on webcomic “Uwolhan Halu” by Team Getname and revolves around Lee Ho-Cheol (Jin Goo), who lives next door to serial killer Kwon Shi-Woo (Lee Won-Geun). Lee Ho-Cheol is given 24 hours to kill the serial killer to save his kidnapped daughter.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Lee Ho-Cheol (Jin Goo) works as a firefighter. He is your typical head of household, who loves his wife and daughter. Recently, the media covers an unsolved serial killer case. The case has nothing to do with Lee Ho-Cheol, but he receives a text message that states “I will let you know who the serial killer is” and a photo. The photo is of a man holding a knife covered with blood and he is next to a murdered person.

Lee Ho-Cheol notices that the man holding the bloody knife is Kwon Shi-Woo (Lee Won-Geun), who lives next door to him. Lee Ho-Cheol receives another text message that states “Kill Kwon Shi-Woo within 24 hours. If you don’t, you will not see your daughter again.” Lee Ho-Cheol discovers that his daughter is now missing.

Meanwhile, the person who sent the text message is Bae Tae-Jin (Ha Do-Kwon). He is a hired killer, who chases after serial killer Kwon Shi-Woo. Bae Tae-Jin schemes a plan to kill Kwon Shi-Woo by using Lee Ho-Cheol.

Kwon Shi-Woo (Lee Won-Geun) looks like a kind young man with a handsome appearance, but he is a psychopath. He feels a sense of superiority by killing people.

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