November 30 2022

Poster and new release date set for Netflix drama “The Fabulous”

New special poster and December 23, 2022 release date set for Netflix drama series “The Fabulous” starring Minho & Chae Soo-Bin. The drama series, set within the fashion industry, was originally scheduled to have its release on November 4, 2022, but its release was delayed in consideration of the one week national mourning period after the Itaewon tragedy on October 29, 2022. Caption on the special poster states “Blazingly sparkling millennial life.”

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: A story of people who have devoted their lives to the fashion industry and struggle to survive there.

Ji Woo-Min (Minho) is a freelancer retoucher, who is responsible for improving photographs. He is good looking and competent at his job, but he’s not passionate about his work or with love.

Since Pyo Ji-Eun (Chae Soo-Bin) was little, she dreamed of working in the fashion field. She now works as the section chief of a luxury brand promotion agency. While she struggles to survive in the fashion field, she maintains herself with a bright personality and positive energy.

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