January 12 2016

Park So-Dam & Lee Jung-Shin offered roles in drama series “You’re The First”

Actress Park So-Dam and Lee Jung-Shin from Kpop group CNBLUE have been offered roles in upcoming drama series “You’re The First.” Jung Il-Woo (lead male role) and Ahn Jae-Hyeon (major supporting role) have been previously offered roles in the drama series and all are currently considering the offers. Drama series “You’re The First” is based on 2011 novel”Cinderellawa Nemyungui Kisa” by Baek Myo.

If Park So-Dam accepts her offer, she will play lead female character Eun Ha-Won. Her character is a bright high school student, but her home life is far from bright. She lives with her father, step-mother and step-sister. After she saves a mysterious older man, she begins to live in a mansion with three brothers and their bodyguard.

“You’re The First” will air sometime during the second half of this year. Exact network which will air the drama series has yet to be determined.

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