March 24 2022

Park Hye-Eun cast in KakaoTV drama “Borrowed Body”

Park Hye-Eun is cast in KakaoTV drama series “Borrowed Body” (literal title) co-starring Nam Yoon-Soo & Ryeo Un. The drama series is based on webcomic “Billin Mom” by Park Se-Kye. For the drama series, Park Hye-Eun will play high school student Ki Da-Rim. She soon finds herself and her friend Lee Sang-Yoo (played by Nam Yoon-Soo) have switched bodies.

“Borrowed Body” will consist of 15 episodes and stream sometime later this year in Korea.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Ki Da-Rim (Park Hye-Eun) is a model high school student. She is a class president and excels in both sports and academics. She is admired by her classmates. Her childhood friends that attend the same school are Lee Sang-Yoo (Nam Yoon-Soo) and Yoon Ho-Young (Ryeo Un). Due to being falsely accused in an incident, nobody hangs around Lee Sang-Yoo. His life at school is quite miserable. He also has a crush on Ki Da-Rim. Yoon Ho-Young is a popular student. Ki Da-Rim likes him and she confessed her feelings to him, but Yoon Ho-Young turned her down.

One night, Ki Da-Rim and Lee Sang-Yoo throw coins into a fountain and make wishes. They soon go faint and when they wake up, they find that they have changed bodies.

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