April 26 2019

Park Hae-Soo, Lee Hee-Joon & Soo-Hyun cast in drama series “Chimera”

Park Hae-Soo, Lee Hee-Joon and Soo-Hyun are cast in drama series “Chimera.” The drama series had the early working title of “Chemistry.” For the drama series, Park Hae-Soo will play Detective Cha Jae-Hwan, Lee Hee-Joon will play Dr. Lee Joong-Yeob and Soo-Hyun will play criminal profiler Yoo Jin. All three work together to solve a criminal case. Kim Do-Hoon (“Medical Top Team“) will direct the drama series and the screenplay is written by Lee Jin-Mae (“Ex-Girlfriends’ Club“).

“Chimera” is tentatively scheduled to air in the second half of this year in South Korea, but exact channel has yet to be determined.

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