May 3 2021

Park Hae-Jin cast in drama “From Now Showtime!”

Park Hae-Jin is cast for the lead male role in new drama series “From Now Showtime!” (working & literal title). Park Hae-Jin will play Cha Cha-Woong in the drama series. He works as a magician and also has the ability to communicate with ghosts. He works with a female detective to solve cases. Filming for the drama series will begin late August, 2021.

Air date and broadcasting station for “From Now Showtime!” has yet to be determined.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Cha Cha-Woong (Park Hae-Jin) is one of the most popular magicians, with his magical like skills in performing tricks. He performs live on stage and on television. He has a handsome appearance, but often makes biting remarks. He also has a secret ability, which is that he can see ghosts and communicate with them. Cha Cha-Woong is not afraid of the ghosts and he even tells them what to do. With his unusual skill set, he becomes involved with a female police officer, who is enthusiastic with her work. They try to solve cases together with the help of the ghosts. Meanwhile, Cha Cha-Woong and the police officer’s relationship also develops romantically.

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