March 27 2020

Park Eun-Bin cast in SBS drama series “Do You Like Brahms?”

Park Eun-Bin is cast in SBS drama series “Do You Like Brahms?” (literal title). For the drama series, Park Eun-Bin will play lead female character Chae Song-A. Her character majored in business administration at a prestigious university, but her passion is playing the violin. After 4 years of preparation, she enrolls in the college of music at the same university where she graduated from. 4 years later, she begins to work as an intern and meets world famous pianist Park Joon-Young. Actor Kim Min-Jae is currently still considering an offer to play the lead male character.

After, Park Eun-Bin agreed to perform in the drama series, she began practicing playing the violin. Filming for “Do You Like Brahms?” is scheduled to begin filming April, 2020 and the drama series will air sometime in the second half of this year.

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