November 28 2022

Minhyun cast in drama “Useless Lies”

Minhyun is cast in drama series “Useless Lies” (literal title) co-starring Kim So-Hyun. In “Useless Lies” Minhyun will play Kim Do-Ha. He is the most popular song composer and producer in the country, but he keeps his identity a secret. This is because he was once framed for murder. He falls in love with his neighbor Mok Sol-Hee (Kim So-Hyun).

“Useless Lies” will first air sometime next year in South Korea.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Mok Sol-Hee (Kim So-Hyun) has a special ability that allows her to distinguish whether people are lying or not. She hates her ability and views it as a curse. Because of her special ability, she is unable to trust anyone. Mok Sol-Hee gets involved with a murder suspect (Minhyun) who insists he is innocent, but nobody believes him.

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