February 13 2024

Main trailer for tvN drama “Wedding Impossible”

Main trailer added for tvN drama series “Wedding Impossible” starring Jun Jong-Seo, Moon Sang-Min, & Kim Do-Wan. The romantic-comedy revolves around a struggling actress (Jun Jong-Seo) who enters into a fake marriage with her best friend (Kim Do-Wan). The brother (Moon Sang-Min) of her best friend suddenly enters into the picture. The main trailer begins with Jun Jong-Seo stating “The one who intends to get married,” followed by Moon Sang-Min “The one who tries to prevent the marriage,” and Jun Jong-Seo & Moon Sang-Min stating together “The impossible mission begins.” Captions in the main trailer states (0:08) “Extra actress is cast as her best friend’s wife role” and (0:17) “Man, who will become her brother-in-law,  appears and he  is absolutely opposed to their marriage.”

“Wedding Impossible” first airs February 26, 2024 in South Korea.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Na A-Jeong (Jun Jong-Seo) works as an extra actress. She’s talented as an actress, but she has gotten recognized for her work at all. She has experience acting as a married woman, but, in real life, her dating life is on the back burner due to her difficult reality. She has a male friend named Lee Do-Han (Kim Do-Wan) whom she has known for 15 years.

Lee Do-Han is the son of a chaebol family that runs the LJ Group. He is pushed to get married by his family, but he has a secret that he can’t marry. Lee Do-Han turns to his friend Na A-Jeong and asks if she would act like his wife and daughter-in-law of his family. She accepts the offer and prepares to play the first leading role in her life as Lee Do-Han’s wife. At that time, she has an unexpected disrupter. That person is Lee Ji-Han (Moon Sang-Min), who is Lee Do-Han’s younger brother. Lee Ji-Han has ambitions to make his older brother Lee Do-Han the successor of the LJ Group. Lee Ji-Han works hard to achieve his goal, but his plan is disrupted by his brother’s sudden wedding announcement. Lee Ji-Han now tries to prevent his brother’s wedding and he brings Yoon Chae-Won (Bae Yoon-Kyoung) into the picture as his brother’s potential bride.

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