April 6 2021

Main trailer for SBS drama “Taxi Driver”

Main trailer added for SBS drama series “Taxi Driver” starring Lee Je-Hoon & Esom. The main trailer runs for over 3 minutes and begins with Lee Je-Hoon stating “Mom… mom… run away.” Kim Eui-Sung’s voice then asks “Do you know why Kim Do-Ki’s mother died? Society is responsible for raising a monster through cheap forgiveness. Don’t you want to get revenge?” Below are still images of Lee Je-Hoon as Kim Do-Ki and Esom as Kang Ha-Na.

“Taxi Driver” first airs April 9, 2021 in South Korea.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Kim Do-Ki (Lee Je-Hoon) graduated from the Naval Academy and became an UDT (underwater demolition team) Official. His mother was murdered by a serial killer and his life changed afterwards.

Kim Do-Ki is now a deluxe taxi driver and works for Rainbow Taxi Company. The company is not just an ordinary taxi company. The company offers a special “revenge-call” service. If clients ask them to take revenge, Kim Do-Ki and his co-workers will perform the service.

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