May 25 2022

Main poster for TVING drama “New Normal Zine”

Main poster added for TVING drama series “New Normal Zine” starring Jung Hye-Sung and Hwang Seung-Un. Caption on the poster states “Survival stories of young people these days in the office.” The drama series is set around workers at online magazine “New Normal Zine.”

“New Normal Zine” will be available to stream from June 10, 2022 in South Korea.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Cha Ji-Min (Jung Hye-Sung) is a single woman who pursues a slow living lifestyle. She worked as a local news reporter for a current affairs magazine, but that magazine was shut down. She then starts work as an editor for digital magazine “New Normal Zine” under the same parent company.

There, her new boss is Chief Editor Song Ro-Ji (Hwang Seung-Un). Cha Ji-Min and Song Ro-Ji are familiar with each other, as they started to work for the parent company in the same year. Song Ro-Ji is a workaholic and totally different from Cha Ji-Min. Now, Cha Ji-Min tries to survive there.

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