July 6 2022

Main cast announced for Wavve drama “Seasons of Blossom”

Seo Ji-Hoon, So Ju-Yeon, Kim Min-Kyu, Kang Hye-Won, & Yoon Hyun-Soo cast in Wavve drama series “Seasons of Blossom.” The drama series will have the five announced lead performers play high school students who attend the same school and are friends. In a slight twist, the story will have an omnibus like composition with the four seasons, during the school year, serving as backdrop. Each season will focus on a different main character.

“Seasons of Blossom” will stream from September, 2022 in South Korea.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: A story of love and friendship between five high school students from Seoyeon High School.

Lee Ha-Min (Seo Ji-Hoon) appears like a bright person, but there is also darkness within his mind. Han So-Mang ( So Ju-Yeon) is a warm-hearted person, but she is also quite timid. Lee Jae-Min (Kim Min-Kyu) is a popular student with a painful past. He is kind to everyone around him. Yoon Bo-Mi (Kang Hye-Won) is a sweet, model student. Choi Jin-Young (Yoon Hyun-Soo) loves playing games. He can seem unfriendly and has a delicate personality.

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