March 31 2021

Main cast announced for Netflix drama “The House of Paper”

Main cast announced for Netflix drama series “The House of Paper” (working title). The drama series is a remake of Spanish television series “Money Heist” (“La casa de Papel”), which also streamed on Netflix. The script will reinterpret the original drama series and have it set in South Korea. Now cast for lead roles in the drama series are Yoo Ji-TaeKim YunjinPark Hae-SooJun Jong-SeoLee Won-JongPark Myoung-HoonKim Sung-OhKim Ji-Hoon, Jang Yoon-JuLee Joo-BinPark Jung-Woo, Kim Ji-Hoon, and Lee Kyu-Ho. Actor Yoo Ji-Tae will play the role of the Professor, who schemes an elaborate heist. Kim Yunjin will play Sun Woo-Jin, who leads the crisis negotiation team at the National Police Agency. The 8 recruited members for the Professor’s robbery team who take city names are: Park Hae-Soo (“Berlin”), Jun Jeong-Seo (“Tokyo”), Lee Won-Jong (“Moscow”), Kim Ji-Hoon (“Denver”), Jang Yoon-Ju (“Nairobi”), Park Jung-Woo (“Rio”), Kim Ji-Hoon (Helsinki”)  and Lee Kyu-Ho (“Oslo”). 

Airdate for “The House of Paper” has not yet been revealed.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: The Professor (Yoo Ji-Tae) schemes an ambitious heist that will have a massive payout. For his plan, the Professor scouts for potential team members. The recruited members select city names as their code names and they all have strong personalities. Their plan seems perfect, but due to the hostages that they take, they face an unexpected situation.

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