September 27 2022

Main cast announced for drama “Boss Dol Mart”

Choi Jung-Woon, Xiumin (EXO), Hyungwon (Monsta X), Choi Won-Myeong, Lee Sae-On, Choi Jung-Woon, & Kim Sha-Na are cast in drama series “Boss Dol Mart” (literal title). The drama series has the unique premise of 5 members of a boy band who get disbanded and then over a grocery store named Boram Mart. Choi Jung-Woon, Xiumin, Hyungwon, Choi Won-Myeong, & Lee Sae-On will play the former boy band members who run Boram Mart. Choi Jung-Woon will play a part-time worker there. Kim Sha-Na will a member of the most popular girl group.

“Boss Dol Mart” will air sometime next year in South Korea.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Due to an accident, the 5 member idol group named Thunder Boys gets disbanded. They then unexpectedly take over Boram Mart, which is not doing well, instead of receiving payment for their unpaid promotion fees.

As they begin to work together at Boram Mart, Choi Ho-Rang (Lee Sin-Young), who was the leader of the group, also becomes the boss of Boram Mart. He doesn’t talk that much, but he cares about his members a lot. Shin Tae-Ho (Xiumin) was the lead dancer of the group and he now works as a cashier. He has a warm-heart. Jo Yi-Joon (Hyungwon) was a rapper of the group, and he works in the fish section. Eun Young-Min (Choi Won-Myeong) was a vocalist of the group and he works in the meat section. He always mediates between the other 4 members with their unique personalities.Yoon Sang-Woo (Lee Sae-On) was the most popular member of the group and although he works hard at Boram Mart, he still wants to perform on the stage.

Besides them, Oh Ye-Rim (Choi Jung-Woon) works part-time at the store. She has been working there for the past 7 years and she helps the boys run Boram Mart.

Meanwhile, Ji-Na (Kim Sha-Na) is a member of the most popular girl group Chain Girls. She has a story with Thunder Boys.

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