December 6 2016

Lee Yoo-Young offered lead female role in OCN drama series “Tunnel”

Lee Yoo-Young has been offered the lead female role in upcoming OCN drama series “Tunnel.” Actor Choi Jin-Hyuk has already received an offered to play the lead male role. Both performers are currently “positively considering” their offers. The drama series has no relations to the 2016 South Korean film “Tunnel.”

If Lee Yoo-Young accepts her offer, she will play Shin Jae-Yi. Her character was born and raised in England. She received a doctorate degree for a paper written on female serial killers. She now works in South Korea as a lecturer. Meanwhile, if Choi Jin-Hyuk accepts he will play Detective Park Gwang-Ho. His character travels in time from 1986 to the present day to save his daughter.

“Tunnel” will first air March, 2017 in South Korea.

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