August 2 2019

Lee Yeon-Hee cast in MBC drama series “The Game: Towards Zero”

Lee Yeon-Hee is cast for the lead female role in MBC drama series “The Game: Towards Zero” (literal title) co-starring TaecYeon (2PM). Lee Yeon-Hee and TaecYeon previously starred together in 2013 movie “Marriage Blue.”

In drama series “The Game: Towards Zero,” Lee Yeon-Hee will play Detective Seo Joon-Young. Her character is composed and she possesses charisma. Internally, she carries an emotional wound from when her father died. Seo Joon-Young works with Kim Tae-Pyeong (TaecYeon) on a serial killer case.

“The Game: Towards Zero” first airs January, 2020 in South Korea.

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