February 26 2024

Lee Min-Ki, Kwak Sun-Young, Heo Sung-Tae cast in ENA drama “Crash”

Lee Min-Ki, Kwak Sun-Young, Heo Sung-Tae are cast for lead roles in ENA drama series “Crash.” Also cast in the drama series are Lee Ho-Cheol & Moon-Hee. All five of the announced actors will play members of a TCI (Traffic Crime Investigation) team. The drama series will be directed by Park Joon-Woo, who previously worked on another popular automotive based drama series with “Taxi Driver.”

“Crash” will first air May, 2024 in ENA’s Monday and Tuesday 10 PM time slot.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Cha Yeon-Ho (Lee Min-Ki) gets transferred to the TCI (Traffic Crime Investigation) team. He studied mathematics at the top university in Korea and has numerous certificates in the field of TCI. He has a special ability to simulate the time of an accident, using his sharp analysis and reasoning abilities. On the flip side, he sorely lacks in social skills and is unable to drive a car, which affects his police career in a bad way.

Members on the TCI team includes Min So-Hee (Kwak Sun-Young) who solves cases with her unique persistence and perseverance no matter what comes her way. She has excellent martial arts and driving skills. There’s also a secret reason why she sticks with the TCI team. Jung Chae-Man (Heo Sung-Tae) was a veteran detective in the violent crimes division. He realized the loopholes and lack of a system to combat the increase in traffic crimes and he formed the TCI team. He also occasionally surprises people around him with his use of eloquent speech. Woo Dong-Ki (Lee Ho-Cheol) is a car specialist. His vast knowledge about cars caught the attention of Jung Chae-Man and he joined the police force to work with the TCI team. Eo Hyun-Kyung (Moon-Hee) is the youngest member of the TCI team. She is skillful in taekwondo, judo, and boxing. The members of the TCI team must combat the rise of traffic crimes, which are also become increasingly more sophisticated, with determination, intelligence, and the use of their individual talents and skills.

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