December 21 2020

Lee Do-Hyun & Go Min-Si cast in KBS2 drama “Youth of May”

Lee Do-Hyun and Go Min-Si are cast for lead roles in KBS2 drama series “Youth of May” (literal title). Lee Sang-Yi and Keum Sae-Rok are also cast for major supporting characters. The drama series is a romance story that is set against the backdrop of the Gwangju Uprising that happened in May, 1980. Lee Do-Hyun and Go Min-Si are currently starring together in Netflix drama series “Sweet Home” as brother and sister.

“Youth of May” will air sometime during the first half of next year in South Korea.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: In May, 1980, during the turbulent times of the Gwangju Uprising, Hee-Tae (Lee Do-Hyun) and Myung-Hee (Go Min-Si) fall in love. Their love seems destined by fate.

Hee-Tae is a medical student, who entered medical school at the top his class. He seems like an easygoing person, but he also has an unyielding spirit and obstinacy. Myung-Hee has worked as a nurse for the past 3 years. She is a lovely person, who stands up against what is not fair.

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