March 19 2020

Launching teaser poster & ep.1 air date for JTBC drama series “Ssanggab Cart Bar”

Here’s the first teaser poster for upcoming JTBC drama series “Ssanggab Cart Bar” starring Hwang Jung-Eum & Yook Sung-Jae. The drama series is now scheduled to first air May 20, 2020. “Ssanggab Cart Bar” is also the first JTBC drama series to air on Wednesday and Thursday evenings. The drama series will air as a pre-production and filming has already completed. “Ssanggab Cart Bar” is based on webcomic “Ssanggabpochaā€¯ by Bae Hye-Soo.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Ssanggab Cart Bar opens only at night on the rooftop of a building. Wol-Joo (Hwang Jung-Eum) runs the mysterious food cart. Customers who visit Ssanggab Cart Bar consist of normal people and the dead. While drinking alcohol and eating dishes with Wol-Joo, the customers of Ssanggab Cart Bar talk about themselves and try to heal their internal wounds.

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