July 24 2020

Kim Sa-Rang & Yoon Hyun-Min cast in TV Chosun drama series “Revenge”

Kim Sa-Rang & Yoon Hyun-Min are cast in TV Chosun drama series “Revenge” (literal title). For the drama series Kim Sa-Rang will play Kang Hae-Ra. Her life was completely ruined and she now seeks revenge. Yoon Hyun-Min will play Attorney Cha Min-Joon.

“Revenge” first airs October, 2020.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Kang Hae-Ra (Kim Sa-Rang) used to work as a reporter. She did not receive recognition for her work, but she married a celebrity. She is now the hottest influencer in South Korea, but she becomes involved in a fake scandal. Overnight, this leads Kang Hae-Ra descending into a bottomless pit. She nows seeks revenge.

Cha Min-Joon (Yoon Hyun-Min) is a cold-blooded lawyer with a 100% win rate. After his family was trapped in a scheme and ruined, he only thinks about his success and getting revenge for his family.

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