July 14 2021

Kim Kyung-Nam cast in JTBC drama “Only One Person”

Actor Kim Kyung-Nam is cast for the lead male role in JTBC drama series “Only One Person” (literal title) co-starring Ahn Eun-Jin & Joy. Actor Park Sung-Hoon was first cast to play the lead male role, but according to BH Entertainment (who manages Park Sung-Hoon) he had to drop out of the drama series due to scheduling issues. Kim Kyung-Nam will now play the character of Jo Shi-Young.

Filming begins August, 2021.

Plot Synopsis by AsianWiki: Pyo In-Sook (Ahn Eun-Jin) is a stubborn woman and she never listens to other people. She has always felt like she doesn’t belong to this world. Pyo In-Sook hears from a doctor that she doesn’t have much time left to live and she doesn’t know how to express her feelings. Pyo In-Sook then meets Police Lieutenant Jo Shi-Young (Kim Kyung-Nam). They get involved with a murder case.

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