May 18 2019

Kim Ji-Won teaser trailer for tvN drama series “Arthdal Chronicles”

Teaser trailer #6 added for upcoming tvN drama series “Arthdal Chronicles” starring Song Joong-Ki, Jang Dong-Gun and Kim Ji-Won. Teaser trailer #6 is the first teaser trailer for the drama series to feature Kim Ji-Won as Tan-Ya. Around the 6 second mark in the teaser trailer, Kim Ji-Won’s voice appers and she states “I Wahan’s Tan-Ya will curse you.” At 18 second mark, Jang Dong-Gun’s voice states “I will kill all.” At 20 second mark, Kim Ji-Won responds “If I die, that kid will die too.”

“Arthdal Chronicles” first airs June 1, 2019 in South Korea.

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