December 14 2015

Kim Ji-Su, Lee Joon-Ho, Park Jin-Hee cast in tvN drama series “Memory”

Actress Kim Ji-Su and Lee Joon-Ho from Kpop group ‘2PM’ are cast in upcoming tvN drama series “Memory.” The drama series has already cast Lee Sung-Min in the main character role. Kim Ji-Su and Lee Joon-Ho were first offered their roles about a month ago and they have now accepted. Actresses Park Jin-Hee and Yoon So-Hee (“My Love Eun-Dong“) are also cast for a supporting role.

For drama series “Memory,” Kim Ji-Su will play Seo Young-Joo. Her character is the wife of main character Park Tae-Suk (Lee Sung-Min). Her life is comfortable with her husband being a famous lawyer, but it all changes when her husband is diagnosed with Alzheimer’s.

Lee Joon-Ho will play attorney Jung Jin. His character graduated from the Judicial Research and Training Institute with top ranking scores, but he is scorned by his fellow attorney for having a self-mocking and unkind personality. Park Tae-Suk takes him in and they work together on cases.

Park Jin-Hee will play Na Eun-Sun. Her character is a judge and the ex-wife of Park Tae-Suk. Park Tae-Suk with his Alzheimer’s visits her repeatedly and she learns about his past pain which she did not know about when they were married.

Yoon So-Hee will plays Bong Sun-Hwa. She works at the law firm where Park Tae-Suk and Jung-Jin works. Her and Jung-Jin are the only ones at the law firm aware of Park Tae-Suk’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis.

“Memory” first airs March, 2016 in South Korea.

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