January 23 2018

Kim Ji-Hoon & Kim Joo-Hyun cast in MBC drama series “Rich Family’s Son”

Kim Ji-Hoon & Kim Joo-Hyu are cast for lead roles in new MBC drama series “Rich Family’s Son” (literal title). They will join already cast supporting performers Lee Gyu-Han and Hong Soo-Hyun. The drama series will air on Sundays at 8:45 PM with two consecutive episodes.  Kim Ji-Hoon will play Lee Gwang-Jae. He comes from a rich family and is immature. His father dies and leaves behind a lot of debt which Lee Gwang-Jae attempts to pay off. Kim Joo-Hyun will play Kim Young-Ha. She supports Lee Gwang-Jae as he tries to pay off his father’s debt. Lee Gyu-Han will play major supporting character Tae-Il. He works at a franchise fast company and has a crush on Kim Young-Ha. Hong Soo-Hyun will play major supporting character Kyung-Ha. She works at a fashion company and has feelings for Lee Gwang-Jae.

“Rich Family’s Son” first airs March, 2018 in South Korea.

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