July 11 2019

Kang Ji-Hwan drops out of TV Chosun drama series “Joseon Survival”

Actor Kang Ji-Hwan has dropped out of currently airing TV Chosun drama series “Joseon Survival” according to the series’ production company Huayi Brothers. The production company are currently looking for an actor to replace the main character of Han Jung-Rok who was played by Kang Ji-Hwan. Korean media reported yesterday, July 10, 2019, that Kang Ji-Hwan was arrested at his house in Gwangju on July 9, 2019 for rape and sexual molestation of 2 women. During the investigation, Kang Ji-Hwan stated that he drank alcohol with 2 female staff members at his house, but he doesn’t remember what happened afterwards. He woke up and found himself in a room with the 2 women sleeping. Due to Kang Ji-Hwan’s exit from the drama series, the two episodes scheduled to air on Saturday, July 13th & Sunday, July 14th have been postponed.

3 Responses to “Kang Ji-Hwan drops out of TV Chosun drama series “Joseon Survival””

  1. Georgina

    He is not that stupid and it is obviously a plot to either stop the production or a setup by the 2 woman who are staff to gain something more than accepting to drink in a mans house alone with that man. Drink, drugs and do as you please. There is no reason, he must have been drunk before in his life why did he need to set himself up for that kind of obvious situation. Even if he thought they were compliant he would not risk that behavior with staff. Come on girls really would you go to a mans house that you worked for to have a drink and then tell how he raped and assaulted you. I know who is in the wrong here,
    Just for the record girls need to take responsibility for their own behavior just as the man. Why do they dress like whores showing lots of leg makeup low cut clothing and expect any decent man to respect them. I feel very sorry for South Korean men who earn big money, They are constantly being used and taken to the cleaners buy these idiotic females, who have no self respect.

  2. Rukia

    I have no idea who is lurking behind this name, but I feel that your comments are judgemental, purposely hurtful, misogynistic and not at all helpful.

    You come across as a sad little person who likes to hurt others so that they can feel bigger, better and stronger than others.

    Oh wait, this is what sex crimes and rape are all about.
    Power trips.

  3. Holly

    Rukia im a woman and i believe in equal rights. he shouldnt be charged for rape and molestation. they all drank alcohol!. There were two women in his bed and they expect us to believe that they were victims!. recently in america two women rape a taxi driver!.

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