December 21 2020

Jung Woo-Sung cast in SBS drama “Delayed Justice”

Jung Woo-Sung is cast in currently airing SBS drama series “Delayed Justice” starring Kwon Sang-Woo. Jung Woo-Sung will replace actor Bae Sung-Woo and play the character of Park Sam-Soo.

Bae Sung-Woo was cited for DWI in November, 2020 and this led to him recently dropping out of the drama series. Bae Sung-Woo filmed scenes up to ep.16 of the drama series. Actor Jung Woo-Sung will take over the character of Park Sam-Soo from ep.17 to ep.20. This is Jung Woo-Sung’s first drama series performance since 2011 JTBC drama series “Padam Padam.” Actor Lee Jung-Jae was first in discussion to take over the character of Park Sam-Soo, but his schedule did not allow him to take the role. Jung Woo-Sung, Lee Jung-Jae, and Bae Sung-Woo all belong to the same management company “Artist Company.”

The next epsisode, ep.13, of “Delayed Justice” will air Friday, January 8, 2020 in South Korea.

3 Responses to “Jung Woo-Sung cast in SBS drama “Delayed Justice””

  1. Philip

    Why Bae Sung-Woo, you just had a few more Eps to do. Jung Woo-Sung is such a horrible Park Sam-Soo.

  2. Lin

    They don’t respect us at all. I don’t know who were these people who wanted Bae Sung-Woo out, but this was a mistake to show us the same character with the different face – it’s just stupid and not interesting at all. I stopped watching this TW show after this stupid move. They can watch it, if they think it’s fine. They could invent a new character and this would be much better move…

  3. Rommel

    I agree with the other comments. Not just the same after Bae Sung-Woo left. Even the quality of the lines went south. Or maybe Bae Sung-Woo was that good – his acting made the writers look good.

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