December 21 2020

Jung Woo-Sung cast in SBS drama “Delayed Justice”

Jung Woo-Sung is cast in currently airing SBS drama series “Delayed Justice” starring Kwon Sang-Woo. Jung Woo-Sung will replace actor Bae Sung-Woo and play the character of Park Sam-Soo.

Bae Sung-Woo was cited for DWI in November, 2020 and this led to him recently dropping out of the drama series. Bae Sung-Woo filmed scenes up to ep.16 of the drama series. Actor Jung Woo-Sung will take over the character of Park Sam-Soo from ep.17 to ep.20. This is Jung Woo-Sung’s first drama series performance since 2011 JTBC drama series “Padam Padam.” Actor Lee Jung-Jae was first in discussion to take over the character of Park Sam-Soo, but his schedule did not allow him to take the role. Jung Woo-Sung, Lee Jung-Jae, and Bae Sung-Woo all belong to the same management company “Artist Company.”

The next epsisode, ep.13, of “Delayed Justice” will air Friday, January 8, 2020 in South Korea.

4 Responses to “Jung Woo-Sung cast in SBS drama “Delayed Justice””

  1. Philip

    Why Bae Sung-Woo, you just had a few more Eps to do. Jung Woo-Sung is such a horrible Park Sam-Soo.

  2. Lin

    They don’t respect us at all. I don’t know who were these people who wanted Bae Sung-Woo out, but this was a mistake to show us the same character with the different face – it’s just stupid and not interesting at all. I stopped watching this TW show after this stupid move. They can watch it, if they think it’s fine. They could invent a new character and this would be much better move…

  3. Rommel

    I agree with the other comments. Not just the same after Bae Sung-Woo left. Even the quality of the lines went south. Or maybe Bae Sung-Woo was that good – his acting made the writers look good.

  4. carmel bolinao

    its alright for Sam soo to be replaced..It went good anyway and we all love Jung woo soo too.Sam doo was lovable so i know why they dint changed the chacracter.I love Sam Soo and hes really good. Atty. Park is as handsome as ever and a brilliant actor too actually long line of classic actors are all my fave..Great casting and superb acting!

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